Boys Science Exploration
June 21-22, 2014

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Workshop Session Choices
You must select one workshop for each time session, two on Saturday and one on Sunday.

Session I Choices
    Date Times    
Crime Scene Investigation Jun 21, 2014 12:45pm-2:40pm    
Road Kill Cafe Jun 21, 2014 12:45pm-2:40pm    
Mrs. Jones's Kidney Problem Jun 21, 2014 12:45pm-2:40pm    

Session II Choices
    Date Times    
Mathematics In Graphs Jun 21, 2014 3:00pm-5:00pm    
Movie Production Through Computer Programming Jun 21, 2014 3:00pm-5:00pm    
Zombies & Math Jun 21, 2014 3:00pm-5:00pm    

Session III Choices
    Date Times    
Shards Of The Past: Experimental Archaeology Jun 22, 2014 12:15pm-2:15pm    
Simulating Rover Missions To Mars Jun 22, 2014 12:15pm-2:15pm    
When Light And Matter Collide Jun 22, 2014 12:15pm-2:15pm    

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